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SHIPPING- Please note that shipping will be approx 10-14 days.  We live in a small town and do not have a copy store.  With the gas prices so high, I only make copies once a week.

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Updated May 31, 2008
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Vintage Pajama Bag Sewing Patterns circa 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 and 1940's. .  Now you can relive your childhood or make beautiful heriloom quality pajama bags. A copy of one of the pajama bag patterns is available for $7.99.
#7239 Vintage Clown Pajama Bag Mail Order Pattern- from Des Moines Register Needlecraft Sevice Mail Order Pattern
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All PJ Bag Patterns are $7.99.  To order patterns use the payment button below. Simply type the name (and number if one is shown) into the box and add to your cart.  Repeat this process to order several different patterns.
Vintage Kitten Pajama Bag Pattern
#2223 Clown Laundry or Pajama Bag Pattern - An old mail order pattern from the Montana Farmer
Bed Doll with Pajama Pouch Crochet Pattern.  "Here is a pretty little lady to help keep a girl's room neat.  Under her full skirt there is a pouch to put pajamas."
Kitten Pajama Bag Pattern
#793 Southern Belle Pajama Bag Pattern-This pattern contains pattern pieces and instructions for making a doll pajama bag.  Use gingham, percale, muslin, chintz, broadcloth, linen or some similar material for the dolls clothing.
Humpty Dumpty Pajama Bag Pattern
#631 Humpty Dumpty Pajama Bag Pattern
cat pajama bag pattern
#7437 Cat Pajama Bag Pattern
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