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All Our Knives are Designed to meet and Exceed all European Directives on Safety and Quality


WD-2 2" Hand Held Cutter 

        download WD-2 parts book (277kb)  HERE
Our WD-2 is a lightweight 2" Rotary Cutter which is similar to SUPRENA.  Weighs in at just 850 grammes. Used primarily in Pattern and Sample Rooms for single or double ply's or for cutting small lays of 3 plies.   No more SCISSORS or sore hands !
Delivered complete with 13amp Plug, just connect it and you're up and running. Integral sharpener always gives a keen edge to the blade. Built-on Finger/Safety Guard and Blade lubricator for use when cutting plastics or fabrics which fuse. Spare blades (same as Suprena
) are available from us here, either Round or Hexagonal.
Call in to see the WD-2.  Price
99 + vat

And FOR SLIGHTLY HEAVIER APPLICATIONS we have the WD-2A machine. More powerful 150w motor makes light work of vinyl's, leather, foam & quilting.   75mm blade.  Integral sharpener keeps the blade keen at all times.  Blade lubricator for difficult fabrics which fuse when cut.
Priced at just 149 + vat

Round Knives from just 199 + vat
  RSD100 Parts List (203kb)

Our Most Popular Round Knife. It is lightweight and really easy to use.   RSD100 100mm (4") ROUND KNIFE with Octagonal Blade for keen cutting every time. Powerful 100w motor. Automatic knife sharpener. VERY HIGH QUALITY OF BUILD.  One piece die-cast body. Ultra thin baseplate. Fully guarded. CE tested and approved. Designed in Japan and manufactured to European Quality Standards.


A high quality straight  knife which is similar to the KM  KS - AUV series of machines (see them HERE), in fact parts are interchangeable.
Powerful 550w (3/4hp) Motor which can be supplied in 220/240v and 110v. Single Phase.
*** NOW IN STOCK *** 750watt 12"                 Machine @ 599 + vat
Quiet, Smooth and Efficient.  Built in automatic knife sharpener keeps the blade keen at all times.  Simple one hand operation. Auto lubrication of all moving parts from one central oil dispenser ensures adequate lubrication of the crosshead  assembly at all times.    Uses standard EASTMAN TYPE blades and sharpening bands which are available from us.
CZD103-160mm 6" Knife 399 + UK Vat
CZD103-210mm 8" Knife 399    "      "
CZD103-260mm 10" Knife 499  "      "

 New Lightweight Series of Straight Knife for smaller lays. The CZD108 is 15% lighter than the CZD103 series. Available in a 5" version.   Parts are interchangeable with KM-EU series machines. Built in sharpener and Auto Lubrication. One hand operation for ease of use.


The New CZY120 Machine

A 5-1/4" Circular Cutter for heavier applications.  Ideal for Rag Cutting, Quilting, Canvas, Denim, Cordura etc.
One handed operation. Built in knife sharpener. Parts are interchangeable with KM Machines.

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All Major Credit/Debit Cards Accepted for Mail Order
(a small order surcharge of 75p applies to all orders under 30 nett)