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 WSM Hand Held Cloth Cutting Machine 

Suitable for cutting all types of fabric such as; knit, silk, cotton, wool, linen, leather and chemical fiber goods, etc.
Low noise, stable operation, easy to operate. 
Runs on ordinary house current.
Features include a one-touch sharpener, stationary carbide and counter blade, double insulated motor and Finger Safety Guard. Grip-style switch. Press switch to start cutting, release to stop. 6 foot line cord with standard plug.

Popular Optional Parts

 Kept in inventory for future use.

Replacement Blade

Blade # WD-29

Replacement Blade

Blade # WD-175

Weight: 1 lbs
RPM: 2400  
Blade Size: 1-7/8 inch (47mm)  
Cutting Depth: 1/2" 12.7mm (Max.)  

*Replacement Blade WD-29 can be used with similar models;

Please note; 2" Hexagonal Replacement Blade is the incorrect size for above models as posted elsewhere online. Correct size is 1-7/8".

More Cutting Machines


Item # WD-1   Price  $59.99

Instruction Manual & Part diagram included along with;
1-Extra Blade,
1 extra sharpening stone,
1 extra safety motor coupling
(prevents motor & gear damage)

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WD-1 $59.99  WSM Hand Held Cloth Cutting Machine
WD-29 $3.75 ea. *Replacement Blade
WD-175 $2.49 ea.  Replacement Blade (Lower)


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Payment Options Warranty: 90 Days


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