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Free Online Sewing Patterns

A Wide Range of Projects to Sew is Available on the Internet

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There are many of free sewing and needlework patterns available on the internet. These include dressmaking and accessories patterns, and a wide range of other projects.

There are many free sewing and needlework patterns or projects which are available on the internet. These range from simple, quick to make projects which are ideal for beginners, through to designer garments which are great for the more experienced sewer. For instance this Alexander McQueen kimono jacket which is available to download free, presents the experienced sewer the opportunity to create a designer jacket.

Free sewing patterns and projects are often presented in a pdf format (pdf files can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free to download). The benefit of pdf files is that they can be accessed easily on any computer without the need for expensive proprietary software. The pattern or project can be printed or saved as required.

Finding Free Sewing Patterns

Free sewing patterns and projects are widely available. Sites such as BurdaStyle offer a range of free facilities to sewers, including free patterns for download, technique and a forum. Members of the BurdaStyle community are encouraged to share designs and ideas under a creative commons license meaning that members of the public are able to market their BurdaStyle creations in limited editions.

Most of the sewing machine manufacturers offer free projects and patterns, although these are designed for their own specific sewing machine brand; these can of course be adapted. Both Pfaff and Singer, for instance, have patterns and projects

The quality of the instructions supporting free patterns and projects is variable. Some assume a high level of experience, or may use terms which are unfamiliar. As many projects which are available free have been created by people who are sharing their work free of charge, your expectations should be different than if you are using a pattern which has been purchased from professional designer/pattern drafters. For instance, quite often free projects can be found on blogs where the writing style and instructions may be more informal. As such, beginner or novice sewers may prefer to seek out free patterns which are offered by professional companies, before moving onto the wide variety of other exciting patterns and projects which are freely available.

Directories of free sewing patterns and projects are also a good way to explore further the wide range available.

Printing out the pattern pieces

Whereas pattern pieces for small projects might just at a pinch print out onto standard printer paper, large pattern pieces for garments need to be printed out in pieces and then stuck together. Before printing out multiple sheets, it is important to check first and make sure that any special printing instructions are followed.

Some large garments may be printed out over several pieces of paper, so the taping of these together can be quite a long job. It is important, of course, to ensure that all the printed pieces of the patterns are lined up correctly.

After all the pieces have been taped together, the pattern can either be cut as normal, or traced onto sewer’s carbon paper, or tracing paper.

As an alternative to printing the patterns out on several sheets of paper and taping them together, it is possible to save the pdf to disc and take it to a print shop. Very often, specialist print shops will have the facility to print out large sheets of paper making this a useful alternative.

Tips for using free patterns on the internet

Take a look around the Sewing and Needlework topic at Suite101 for more interesting reading and needlework ideas.

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