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OISC - UK Immigration Industry Regulatory Body
Many companies provide Immigration and Work Permit Consultancy Services relating to global immigration. At SkillClear INS we go several steps further. We are your strategic partners, providing a complete immigration service for Employers, Employees and HR Professionals.

Our unique range of services address every aspect of Immigration for Corporate and Individual Clients, enabling Immigration to or from countries such as Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and USA. Immigration and Work Permit Services - Client Testimonials.

SkillClear provides both immigration consultancy and interactive online Immigration, Work Permit and Visa services for Employers, Recruiters and Skilled Workers around the World.
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UK Work Permit Visa and Immigration Facts


The United Kingdom offers many opportunities to live and work in the UK and a variety of UK Work Permit and Immigration Visas.

The extremely successful and popular Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (UK HSMP) lets you live and work in the UK without the need to get a UK work permit from an employer. In addition to this, Commonwealth Citizens can make use of the Working Holidaymaker Visa.

» UK Work Permits & Visas
» New UK Points Based System
Australia Work Permit Visa and Immigration Facts


Australia has done more than most countries to encourage immigration of skilled workers:

» Skilled Visas
» Free Skilled Visa Assessment
» Business Visas
» Student Visas
» Working Holiday Visas

Australian Immigration can be quite complex. You will find all of the facts about Immigration, Work Permits and Visas in our Australia Immigration section, including our free Australia Skilled Worker Visa Assessment.
Canada Immigration Work Permit and Visa Facts


Canada offers a range of Work Permits and Visas and is actively seeking skilled individuals. Entry can be gained in a number of ways, including the points based Canada Skilled Worker Visa. This has recently had the points requirement reduced, thus making it a more realistic option for Canadian Immigration.

» Canada Immigration
» Canada Skilled Worker Visa
» Canada Points Calculator
» Canada INS Applications
USA Work Permit Visa facts for Immigration to America


The USA offers some tremendous opportunities but also has one of the most complicated systems of Immigration in the world.

Our US Immigration Consultants are fully registered and qualified to assist with your application.

» USA Immigration Information
» H-1B - US Work Permit
» B-1 Business Visa
» L-1 Intra Company Transfer
» E-1 Trade and Investor Permit
Facts about Work Permits and Immigration to New Zealand


New Zealand now offers many opportunities for immigration and work permits, with great efforts being made to encourage immigration of skilled workers.

There are a range of work permits and visas available including:

» Skilled Migration
» Business Immigration
» Student Visas
» Work Permits
» Family and dependents
Immigration and Work Permit Information for other countries


» Ireland
» Japan
» Singapore
» Hong Kong
» Germany
» France
» Netherlands
» Switzerland
» United Arab Emirates
» Spain
» South Africa
» China
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